I became passionate of the healing powers of foods and self healing through personal experience. I was diagnosed with PCOS and by changing my diet, adding supplements and herbal medicine, my symptoms improved significantly and to the surprise of my doctor, the ovarian cysts were gone.

Learning about the ways I can heal myself gave me a sense of empowerment and relief that I strive to pass on to my patients. I believe in a practical and optimistic approach to health, helping you achieve your goals and develop sustainable and realistic habits to live a healthy and balanced life. 


We are all unique, and hence every treatment plan is bespoke to you and focuses on eliminating symptoms, tackling the underlying cause and achieving your overall health goals. You will receive a treatment plan designed to empower you to make sustainable, everyday changes to your lifestyle.

Reut Sapir has had an interest in natural remedies

check in with yourself

mindful to uncover whats right for you

honour your unique needs

nothing is black and white

long term change

behavior change

balanced approach

learning your body

choose habits from a place of kindness and love, rather than a place of not enough

what healthy looks and feels like for you?

health isn't defined by your scale

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