The Essentials

3 Sessions

1 Consultation

1 Follow up

1 Reflexology

  • Initial consultation in clinic or via zoom (75mins)

  • One follow up and one reflexology (45-60mins)

  • A full personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to your health issues and needs

  • A clear focus and plan of action so you can start straight away

  • Recommendations for high quality nutritional and herbal supplements

  • Detailed notes of our discussion

  • On going support and guidance via email throughout

  • Recipes and ideas to get started with healthy cooking

  • Referrals for functional testing if needed and/or to a health practitioner


  • The Investment -

  • £175 in full

  • Payment plan -

  • £190 in 3 (£63)

The Whole

6 Sessions

The Essentials plus 3 more sessions.

  • Based on The Essentials, continuing support allows us to further develop and refine your plan.

  • This has benefits of motivation, guidance and encouraging long lasting change. As you evolve and change, we will adapt your plan for even better results.

  • Learn daily habits that will contribute to your overall health and wellbeing that are long lasting and bespoke to you and your needs.


  • The Investment -

  • £330 in full

  • Payment plan -

  • £360 in 3 (£120)

  • £360 in 6 (£60)

The Evolve

10 Sessions

The Whole plus 6 more sessions

  • The most intensive long-term support to achieve deep and more profound results to your health.

  • Fully commit to your health and integrate healthy habits into your life for good.

  • Health is a daily practice, this package is for you if you want to make your health a priority and learn how to fit it into your life in a way that is aligned and fits in with you and your goals.

  • The Investment -

  • £555 in full

  • Payment plan -

  • £575 in 3 (£192)

  • £575 in 6 (£96)

Online Bundle

3/6/10 Sessions



  • Due to our current reality, I created this bundle for those who aren't able to make it to the clinic or live remotely.

  • Sessions are held via zoom.

  • Includes nutritional therapy and private online yoga sessions.

Add-ons sessions

Additional sessions

  • Any additional sessions are £50.

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