Yoga and Meditation helped me immensely during my pregnancy. It helped me throughout the various symptoms and changes I went through during the three trimesters. It gave me strength, confidence and trust in my body. Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time, and it is also scary and uncomfortable. Having the tools and knowledge to help yourself is a gift. I believe yoga is invaluable during your pregnancy and beyond. 

Pregnancy yoga can help improve and enhance your general well being, it can help boost energy, relieve stress and anxiety and keep the body strong and supple. Pregnancy yoga offers a safe and relaxing space for you to enjoy your pregnancy and learn how to move safely and comfortably with your new body. 

Pregnancy yoga classes are also where you will find support and make long lasting friendships. My class is cosy and small, giving you plenty of attention and care. 

Wednesday 6pm - in studio and zoom

6 Ways Yoga in Charlton Kings

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