Comprehensive case review

Initial consultation will include a full case taking of your health history, diet and lifestyle followed by an examination of your current situation in order to identify the root cause of your health concerns. By addressing the root cause, rather than a symptom, we achieve long term health and an understanding that allows your to take charge of your health going forward. 


Customised therapy plan

Consultations are personalised and tailored to you and your health concerns. A therapy plan consists of all three modalities; nutritional therapy, herbal medicine and reflexology; along with ways to manage lifestyle habits in order to fully ... It is a wholistic rounded plan that includes a change in the way you eat and subsequently, the way you live your life. 

I believe a therapy plan should work with and for you. This is why we work together to create a therapy plan that fits around your lifestyle and preferences. My intention is for this to become a habit, a change of lifestyle, so that you can achieve your health goals and live life to the fullest. 

Learn to heal yourself

I am passionate about helping people find their inner teacher, the strength and force within them, to start their health journey. My very ultimate goal is to provide you with nutritional education, guidance and tools so that once achieved, you are empowered to make the changes you aspire to.

First consultation  |  60mins £60           

Follow up | 60mins £50

If you would like to discuss anything with me, or would like a free 15 minutes phone/email inital consultation, please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. 

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