Reflexology is based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas in the body. Reflexology is a bespoke individual treatment based on your symptoms. Our feet can indicate and bring our attention to certain areas in the body that are imbalanced. 


Treatment is administered on the feet only and can assist with women's health (such as pregnancy support, infertility and PMS), digestive disorders, mental health, migraines, insomnia, fatigue and numerous other ailments. 


On your first treatment, we will go through a short consultation with a medical history and lifestyle questionnaire, to fully understand your needs and concerns. Followed by a unique reflexology assessment based on your feet alone, which will bring attention to both physical and mental state.


Through the diagnosis I provide a treatment plan designed especially for you according to your unique state. The diagnosis is both physical and emotional. 


During and after reflexology, you might feel more relaxed and stress might be reduced as well as an improvement in mood and general wellbeing. This happens on an individual basis and you might experience an improvement in other symptoms.


With increased levels of stress and its big impact on our body, it is important we address our needs and strive for wellbeing.

Reflexology | 1hr £45

"...The reflexology then begins and it is THE most relaxing thing I have ever experienced. It takes me off into a different world and leaves me with an inner calm and balance that I have never had before. My mind feels calm and flooded with relaxation and my body feels as if I'm floating on air!I use that feeling of complete relaxation as a reference point in times of stress. I can't thank Reut enough for what she has done for me."

"...Reut has helped me so much, I genuinely feel so much better, she has recommended some herbal remedies and vitamins and I now have energy and vitality. I feel happier and more positive about things, my back doesn’t hurt and I just feel more in tune with my body. I look forward to my treatment each week, not only because it’s really lovely but also because I know each treatment is helping me to feel better and be healthier."

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