I approached Reut because since the beginning of this year I seemed to be getting older and tired and low spirited, just not happy in myself. Reut helped me by enabling me to understand and identify the causes of my torpid and lethargic state; I knew some of this was down to diet but with so many (helpful) suggestions out there of what to do, it was very confusing.

The result was within two months I had changed my diet, not dramatically but easily, lost weight (a stone so far!), got energised and altered my everyday life approach to a positive one. I also learnt how to manage my stress better and learnt how it was affecting me physically and mentally. Another plus is that my skin is glowing and clear since!

One thing I liked was her non-judgemental, honest, sensible and calm approach, so easy to talk to and totally confidential. I found the experience of just a few hours enough to set me up on the right track; I would recommend Reut to people who need just a nudge in the right direction with some helpful simple guidelines.  Sometimes it just takes that one person to help you.



I came to Reut at the end of my tether after years of suffering with acne - the deep cystic kind and also surface, almost dermatitis style irritation that couldn't be hidden. I had also previously suffered with my eating habits, having struggled with an eating disorder briefly at university in my early twenties. Food has never been something I have enjoyed or felt has really nourished me. I always saw it as fuel to keep me going and nothing more. Right off the bat, Reut assured me that we would take things easy and if anything was too much, I could just say so. I felt really confident in Reut's capable hands, she is straight to the point but very genuinely empathetic and interested in you. She made it very clear to me that my hormones were definitely out of balance. The food, supplements and lifestyle recommendations have vastly improved the appearance of my skin, to the point where I feel confident going out in very minimal makeup now. I am also enjoying preparing food and feeding myself a lot more now! She also follows up with me regularly and it's great to have someone who genuinely cares! Thank you so much Reut!



I have been seeing Reut for three months now and she has transformed my life. I had spent eighteen months with tired, aching muscles that made simple tasks difficult and sleeping challenging. Steroids and conventional medicines hadn't helped. Reut's calm and methodical approach to my care quickly enabled her to identify several factors that were likely to be affecting my health. I was able to discuss one course of treatment with my GP following Reut's advice and with careful consideration of diet, the use of herbal medicine and reflexology, I feel so much better. I am continuing to see Reut as reflexology is having such a positive effect on my sleeping and general well-being. She has also helped me with simple breathing techniques and improving my posture and alignment. Going forward, we will continue to look at nutrition and treat other issues I'm having . I cannot recommend Reut highly enough; I am so pleased that I made the decision to see her.  


Forest of Dean

Having experienced migraines for many years and traditional medicines proving ineffective for me, I was searching for an alternative therapy to improve my life. I have been fortunate to have found a wonderful therapist called Reut.

Reut  has a very calming presence and is passionate about her practice and this energy and feeling extends into her treatment. 

The therapy for me has been a combination of reflexology and Herbalism with the latter tailored to my individual needs following a discussion about my medical health. Reut has an in depth knowledge of Herbs which has enabled her to make adjustments to my tincture resulting in the best possible mix that suits my needs.

The reflexology provides one of the most relaxing and liberating feelings. Reut has a wonderful touch which leaves me feeling completely relaxed after the treatment.

At last I have found a remedy that works for me. Since starting the treatment with Reut my migraines have lessened considerably and no longer have an impact on my life. This has been a tremendous breakthrough for me and I am so grateful to have found Reut.



I am very grateful to Reut for the support and advice she has given me throughout my treatment for breast cancer. Reut was recommended by a friend after I confided that I was confused by the conflicting advice with regard to diet, and this was causing me some stress. After my first visit to Reut I must confess I felt rather daunted by the changes to my diet which she recommended. She was, however, very supportive and non- judgmental and sent me a number of recipes to help me
through the first few weeks. Eventually the diet became easier and I now enjoy a much greater variety of foods than hitherto. Although my culinary skills have been challenged, I can honestly say with the change in diet and additional supplements, I feel a lot healthier and have more energy than previously. Reut is a sympathetic listener, respectful of her clients’ wishes and her advice is invaluable.



I attended a private yoga class with Reut in the 20th week of my pregnancy. We went through any pregnancy niggles that I was having and any poses that I was finding difficult now in comparison to my usual practice. We started with breathing exercises then moved on to a flowing yoga practice, finishing with a relaxing Shavasana.  Reut tailored the class to my level and made sure that I was happy with how the poses were feeling along the way. She was reassuring at the right times and suggested slight adjustments when needed. She also was really helpful in suggesting some alternatives to poses that I missed doing and suggested some specific poses to help with my sciatica pain. I really enjoyed the class have really benefitted from doing the alternative poses since the class.  



For about 3 years, I had been experiencing daily symptoms of bloating, discomfort and infrequent bowel movements. I worked with doctors and a nutritionist, eliminating dairy, gluten and sugar from my diet and having several blood and hair tests as well as scans. Although there was improvement, I still experienced inconsistent symptoms and no diagnosis. I had regular colonic irrigation to counter my inconsistency of bowel movement. I wasn't aware of Naturopathy prior to working with Reut and had no idea that symptoms in the body can be so directly linked with the mind. Through working with Reut, I identified emotional stressors that were negatively impacting my gut's ability to work. Reut recommended some changes to my diet, reflexology and together we worked through the things that were impacting me - although tough, I felt able to deal with them. I found immediate positive impact on my body - regular bowel movements, no bloating and discomfort and a real sense of calm and well being. 

It made me realise how anxious I was without even knowing it. For me the difference was so significant. I am continuing to work with Reut through my stressors and diet to get my body back to a consistent, healthy state. It's genuinely made such a huge difference. It consumed my whole life before I started the treatment. I'm so much better  - it's amazing. Highly recommended.



I am a cancer patient who had a colostomy bag for 3.5 yrs and subsequent reversal. My bowels didn't perform well and I was visiting the bathroom up to 25 to 30 times a day. Accidents during the night were also not uncommon so not good. 

Over the next 18 months I tried various diets but could not find a diet that would give me any sort of consistency. My doctors gave me various tablets a day potions to try, all to no avail. I had previously seen a CBT specialist for other issues and in desperation asked for her advice. She put me on to Reut Sapir. Reut put together a comprehensive diet for me to follow for the following month. Now during this time it became apparent looking at my diet diary that certain things were working and certain things weren't. At my next meeting with Reut we discussed and refined my diet sheet further. After 9 weeks my bathroom visits have now reduced to numbers I can count on one hand. The night time accidents are now a thing of the past. 

For the first time since my reversal I now have a diet and a reaction I can identify with. I can now go out and play golf for several hours with much more security than I have ever had. Reut has given me the professional advice that I should have sought at the start of my journey. If you've had a colostomy reversal and are struggling then Reut should be your first port of call. 



Reut’s gentle yet thorough holistic approach to understand my long standing digestive issues and arthritis helped us to quickly build an effective relationship.  Sharing personal information is key here, but Reut’s personality makes this an easy process.

After reviewing my food diary, and collecting my medical history we were able to discuss my issues, lifestyle and goals for change.

Reut clearly appreciates that any solution has to work for the individual and been sustainable within their lifestyle, if changes are to be felt/achieved both short and long term. 

Reut takes the time to fully explain her recommendations, providing a detailed report for you to review at leisure. Regular follow up meetings to review and track progress are scheduled to help you maintain momentum and address any initial challenges you may be experiencing.   

I really appreciated her willingness to respond to the many ad-hoc emails and questions I raised.  6 months on my digestive symptoms and issues are greatly reduced, and her guidelines, regimen and dietary recommendations now part of my day to day lifestyle.  The arthritis pain and nodules on my hands have reduced and definitely a lot better since I made changes to my diet along with supplements. 



Reut has really helped me with her expert knowledge and completely effective and relevant advice. I suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease, and Reut has helped me go back in remission without steroids. People who have this condition will understand that this is a great achievement. I can highly recommend Reut, go and book an appointment with her, she is AMAZING!



I was given a gift voucher to use at Neal’s Yard, and at the time I was in a pretty dark place after losing my mum; so I decided to use it for reflexology, mainly because I didn’t fancy having a massage. Well, that was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made because the reflexologist was Reut!

Initially I couldn’t bring myself to tell Reut about my mum and just told her about the various ailments I had, like a bad back, occipital neuralgia, tiredness and just ‘not feeling right’. Reut’s approach was so peaceful and kind and after a few weeks I felt strong enough to tell her about my grief. Reut has helped me so much, I genuinely feel so much better, she has recommended some herbal remedies and vitamins and I now have energy and vitality. I feel happier and more positive about things, my back doesn’t hurt and I just feel more in tune with my body. I look forward to my treatment each week, not only because it’s really lovely but also because I know each treatment is helping me to feel better and be healthier.

I have tried lots of different treatments over the years and I can honestly say the treatment I am having with Reut has helped me more than any of the other treatments. I cannot recommend Reut enough, she really is amazing!



"I came to Reut as I was having lots of problems that stemmed from anaemia, including mouth ulcers, stomach pains, acid reflux and exhaustion. This is something that I have been suffering with for at least 10 years and the doctors gave me medication that didn't seem to work. Reut gave me lots of ideas to help me with these issues using my diet, vitamins and herbs. It was quite daunting at first having such an overhaul of my lifestyle but Reut has been amazing in supporting me through this. I can't explain how much better I feel with these changes already, and I have even been able to stop taking some of the medication the doctors gave me! Reut is a lovely person who listens and offers valuable advice and support. I cannot recommend her enough."



"....Whilst being a Naturopath, Reut is a renowned Reflexologist and she finished my sessions with caring attention, massaging my pressure points and enabling me to unwind and stop panicking. Reut had recommended some herbal balancing supplements, which I was to take for a month and within 4 days I noticed a small difference… 8 days later, a substantial difference. They were alleviating my panic I felt on driving the kids to school (in fact there was very little shouting of ‘hurry up’ at the children before even getting in the car!) and I was able to work much more effectively throughout the day. The evening tablets made me look forward to my bed, as I was more relaxed rather than completely exhausted. Reut has taught me a fantastic, deep breathing exercise, which on occasions, knocks me out and I sleep so soundly."

Read the full Cotswold Style article here

Katie from Cotswold Style Magazine

Mind, Body and Soul

As an anxious person and sufferer of insomnia, I decided to look into a more natural approach to helping my symptoms rather than keep rushing to my Dr. for help. I contacted Reut and felt calmer even after the initial telephone call! Reut has a soothing calmness about her which had an immediate effect on me. Her natural and holistic approach to life has opened up a door to a whole new world to me and in turn has helped me immensely.

So far I have received five treatments from Reut. The sessions have included looking at nutrition and the healing power of foods. It has surprised me how much better I feel when I eat correctly and how physical and mental health are so closely linked. The reflexology then begins and it is THE most relaxing thing I have ever experienced. It takes me off into a different world and leaves me with an inner calm and balance that I have never had before. My mind feels calm and flooded with relaxation and my body feels as if I'm floating on air!

I use that feeling of complete relaxation as a reference point in times of stress. I can't thank Reut enough for what she has done for me."



I can’t recommend Reut enough! I was quite nervous on our first meeting together, after 10 years of suffering with Psoriasis and stress I was very apprehensive, and somewhat doubtful after many years of seeing countless doctors and ‘health experts’. I knew Reut was different, from our first phone call to our first meeting together. She made me feel very comfortable, she is also great at being there for you 24/7, sending through recipes and advice. Through using nutrition and herbal medicine, my energy levels increased and my psoriasis was slowly improving. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done, and I am looking forward to continuing my treatment and my new way of living!



"I have been visiting Reut for a number of weeks having been recommended by a friend.  I initially went with a complaint about my shoulder which had been giving me great discomfort for around 18 months. After a number of treatments and much to my surprise my shoulder is completely normal and I am no longer in pain. 


I then approached Reut regarding menopausal symptoms which have included hot flushes, tiredness and general lethargy which have been on going for a number of years now.  With treatment of herbs and reflexology these are now under control and the relief is immense. 


I really recommend giving this treatment a go.  It did all seem rather strange at first I was in awe of how a treatment to ones feet could affect your whole body so I would say I was initially a sceptic. Not anymore."


Stow On The Wold

I am so thankful to have met Reut.I have had 3 reflexology treatments with her so far a she is AMAZING !!!!
I am totally feeling the benefit. As a busy teacher, wife, mother and daughter of elderly parents and back pain sufferer my treatment times with Reut are an oasis of deep relaxing peace and calm. Her compassion and kindness show as she listens with a gentle caring manner and offers sound advice.
I cannot recommend her enough.



"I wholeheartedly recommend Reut. I was puzzled because I believed I already enjoyed a good diet and exercise regime. But symptoms such as tiredness, bloating and inflammation persisted. By fine-tuning my diet and re-assessing elements of my lifestyle - namely work, exercise and relaxation - these conditions have markedly improved. She is a beautiful person too!"



I've been seeing Reut now for just over 3 months as I was struggling to lose weight after having treatment for breast cancer. I've been having reflexology and naturopathy combined and thanks to Reut I'm now shifting the weight. Reut is very patient and understanding and really helpful. She cares about her clients and loves to see them getting results.



"I turned to Reut after years of feeling that I'm not as healthy, strong and vital as I should be. Since I can recall, I've been dealing with asthma and recurring allergies, to which conventional medicine referred to as "chronic and inevitable". From the first moment I sat in Reut's clinic I felt that she sees me integrally and without any judgment. She had a containing approach and a therapeutic quality that I've never experienced from any treatment professional. She enabled me to see the link between body and spirit, between stress, nutrition to mental and physical health. As a psychologist I'm very well familiar with the human soul, but Reut revealed to me other aspects that I did not know about. With only few and simple changes she guided me to do on a daily basis, I was able in a short period of time to feel so much better, the shortness of breath and allergies, I was so familiar with, became more and more rare, to this very day. Reut is something special and different in the therapeutic field. She enables significant changes in a short period of time and with small effort. I warmly recommend on her."



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