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My Approach

My consultation process is focused on you, your way of life and goals. It includes a thorough review at your medical history, diet and lifestyle in order for me to understand who you are and how you live.

This individualised approach is guided by your individual health state. I work towards identifying the root causes of your symptoms with the aim of addressing any imbalances along with lifestyle changes that will support the dietary changes you’re making. I believe in simple changes with big impact and ones that touch your entire being, ones that create connection and makes you thrive.

Out of the in-depth consultation process, we will form a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan. This includes tailored recipes and simple lifestyle changes that address your health concern with benefits specific to you. It often includes recommended nutritional and herbal supplements to give you the boost that you need.

Throughout our work together I inform, support and empower you to make realistic, sustainable changes that get results with a whole body approach.  

Follow up sessions are typically two to four weeks after the initial consultation and include a review of your symptoms and any adaptations needed. We will look on how this worked for you and your lifestyle and how we can further improve your symptoms.

About Me

Through personal experience I found my passion in the power of healing and empowerment. I believe that the more knowledge that we have about our own bodies, the more tools and daily practices that we have, we can feel empowered and reclaim our health into our own hands. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20's when my doctor informed me nothing can be done, I must take the contraceptive pill and will probably won't be able to conceive. 

I knew that wasn't an option for me. I knew I wanted and needed to take back my own health. I decided to do my own research and with the right nutrition, herbal medicine and daily practices, the ovarian cysts were gone and symptoms greatly reduced. 

Therefore, the way I work was born out of both necessity and experience, combining three modalities that cover all essential aspect of our health, vital in finding long-term sustainable wellbeing. While what we eat is key to nourishment, so is stress management, movement, healthy loving relationships, creativity and much more.  

I believe in nourishing your body with an abundance of foods that maintain your overall health, support digestion, regulate hormones, stabilise energy and create an uplifted, calm mood.

I hold an extensive 4-year diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and am a clinical herbalist, a senior reflexologist and a yoga teacher specialising in pregnancy yoga. 

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