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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

This is exactly what 2020 needs... a healthy-wellbeing focused holiday gift guide! While giving gifts is a joy, I encourage you to receive gifts with open arms a whole lot of love.

The Essentials Consultation Plan

The Essentials includes nutrition, reflexology and yoga sessions, tailored to you. This is great for anyone who wants to improve their eating habits, their health and wellbeing and any health symptoms they may have. The perfect start to 2021.


An essential oil diffuser is an amazing addition to any space. It has incredible mental and physical health properties, they're great for cleansing and humidifying the air in your space and the smells is gorgeous. Below are the oils I use the most in my house and some beautiful diffusers include this, this and this.

I buy essential oils from Neal's Yard Remedies in Cheltenham, all organic.

Rosemary - for days working from, rosemary improves concentration and energy levels.

Citrus - other than their lovely scent, citrus improves and uplifts mood, perfect for the long dark winter days.

Eucalyptus - beneficial for any colds, coughs and respiratory issues.

Lavender - a must in every house hold, lavender is calming, relieves headaches and improves sleep (just to name a few!)

Favourite blends from Neal's Yard Remedies - women's balance and meditation blend. I also love their new winter blend.

Reflexology Gift Card

For a gift that is an experience, gift a reflexology session. Reflexology is all about relaxation and balance, bringing vitality and peacefulness to the body and mind. It can help with digestive symptoms, sleep issues, hormonal health, stress, anxiety and more. You can book here and you'll receive a beautifully made gift card.

Cookbook - Whole Food Cooking Every Day

My all time favourite and the one I turn to the most are the cooking books by Amy Chaplin. Her most recent book is all gluten free and sugar free recipes that are simple and delicious. I love cookbooks that teach you how to cook more efficiently without compromising on flavour.


The ultimate hygge in the winter days... I've recently found this company and it's British made and looks divine. Make sure to purchase candles that are free from synthetic material and without palm oil or paraffin wax.


I love these reusable silicone bags that are also non-toxic. It comes in a variety of sizes and can also be used in the freezer. Great for using less plastic and plastic bags!

Yoga Pass

If you ask me, yoga is the greatest gift of all! Anyone will benefit from doing more yoga, it keeps you physically flexible and strong while also relaxing and calming. You can gift one private class or a pass from their favourite studio. I encourage you to support your local yoga studios, especially now. In Cheltenham, try 6 Ways Yoga or Rosieglo, depending on location.

Self Care Tools

We all need a bit of this, especially after #2020. Some great tools for relaxation and calm include this sleep kit, meditation app, journal, salt baths and this lavender eye pillow.

Water bottle

We all need to be hydrate more, especially in the winter when we tend to drink less water and more tea. A fancy water bottle can help us drink more!

Mindful Living Magazines

Even though you can get almost everything on your phone, I do love to sit down and read a paper magazine or a book. Gifting a magasine subscription is such an amazing gift that they can enjoy year round. I like Breathe, Flow. And even though it isn't a mindful living magazine, it's so empowering and I love The Gentle Woman.

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