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personalised holistic nutrition plans

Holistic Naturopathic Nutrition

Nutrition | Reflexology | Yoga


About Me

Hi! I'm Reut, a naturopath, reflexologist and yoga teacher.

The main force behind my work is to inspire and empower you to achieve your health goals and support you in taking the best care of your health. Whether you’re seeking support with digestive issues, hormone health, or healthy eating, you will be provided with a well-researched, comprehensive and individualised plan that is sustainable and effective. Alongside nutrition, I work with reflexology and yoga to provide the final pieces in the puzzle towards optimum health and wellbeing.


"When women take care of their health, they become their own best friend" 

Maya Angelou

Healthy Food

Work With Me

Your nutritional needs are unique, just like you! Work with me to create a personalised plan that fits in with your health goals, lifestyle, busy schedule and personal preferences.

Meaningful change takes time, that's why I've created consultation plans so you can feel and look your best for the long term. Get in touch to discuss which approach is best for you.

Areas of Expertise


Hormone Health

Support and regulate hormones with nutrition, supplements, supportive lifestyle practices and reflexology. Suitable for PCOS, PMS, hormonal acne and cycle irregularity.


Digestive Health

Heal and support your gut with functional foods, supplements and lifestyle practices to eliminate digestive issues such as IBS, constipation, bloating and more.


Mental Health

Gain tools for stress management and increase your resilience with effective practices that support your mind and body. 


Pre & Post Natal

A personal approach to guide you through the highs and lows of pregnancy and motherhood. From taking the best pre-natal to learning to care for yourself in the 4th trimester.

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“Through working with Reut, I identified emotional stressors that were negatively impacting my gut's ability to work. Reut recommended some changes to my diet, reflexology and together we worked through the things that were impacting me. I found immediate positive impact on my body - regular bowel movements, no bloating and discomfort and a real sense of calm and well being.”

Sian C

“I came to Reut at the end of my tether after years of suffering with acne - the deep cystic kind and also surface, almost dermatitis style irritation that couldn't be hidden. Through working with Reut we found the cause was my hormones. The food, supplements and lifestyle changes have vastly improved the appearance of my skin, to the point where I feel confident going out in very minimal makeup now.”

Rosie W

I've been seeing Reut for three months now and she has transformed my life. I had spent eighteen months with tired, aching muscles that made simple tasks difficult and sleeping challenging. Steroids and conventional medicines hadn't helped. Following Reut's advice of diet, herbal medicine and reflexology, I feel so much better. The reflexology is having such a positive effect on my sleeping and general well-being.

Fay W

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